High-pressure hydro motor powered water pump HPH200

High-pressure hydro motor powered water pump HPH200



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Product model: Pump HPH200
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Model HPH200
Type Self-priming
Max.flow 500 l/min
Suction / discharge diameter 50 mm
Total head 60 m
Suction lift 8 m
Motor Hydraulic VIVOLO
Displacement 9 cc
Max.oil flow 25 l/min
Pump body Aluminum alloy
Impeller Aluminum
Mechanical seal Carbon ceramic
Weight 12 kg

High-pressure pumps are great for irrigation, firefighting, farm machinery washing, and civil engineering. The pump housing and pump cover are made with durable aluminum alloy, along with aluminum impellers and cast-iron diffusers.

Speed regulator

The speed regulator allows the user to have direct control of the speed of rotation of the motor shaft. It is useful in several cases, particularly when the speed must be constant, regardless of the flow rate. 

Electric bypass valve

The electric bypass valve is used to divert the flow of oil from the inlet directly to the engine exhaust. The valve is activated by an external electrical signal. It is normally used in water pumps.