Mobile milking parlour MOOTECH-6
  • Mobile milking parlour MOOTECH-6
  • Mobile milking parlour MOOTECH-6
  • Mobile milking parlour MOOTECH-6
  • Mobile milking parlour MOOTECH-6
  • Mobile milking parlour MOOTECH-6

Mobile milking parlour MOOTECH-6



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Product model: MOOTECH-6
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Manufacturer Mototecha
Milking parlour model MOOTECH-6, Tandem type
Equipment cabinet No ( Optional )
Dimensions l/w/h (m) 7,5/2,90/2,30
Hydraulic chassis 4 wheels R13
Concentrate feed containers 3
Bowls for supplementary feeding 6
Milk - vacuum hoses +
Milk-vacuum line +
Semi-automatic washing device +
Washing stations 6
Milking places 6
Attendant stool 3

Recommended in up to 100 cows for milking on the pasture. Average milking time 6-7 minutes per cow/place. Six cows milking at the same time. Total average of 100 cows milking time -  about 2 hours.

Parlour includes: galvanized roofing; hot-dip zinc galvanized frame; hydraulic chassis; 4 wheels R13; hot dip galvanized gratings; sorting gates managed from each milking point; 50,8 mm s/s milk pipe; 50 mm PVC vacuum pipe; 40 mm s/s washing pipe; led lights; 6 units of bowls for supplementary feeding; concentrate feed containers, 3 units; stabilizing supports, 4 units.

Semi-automatic washing device for pipe and vacuum line washing.


Optional: Equipment cabinet

Optional milking units


Compatible with all brands milking buckets and/or units.
Individual managed entrance gates for each cow.
Cows milked in separate boxes, makes milking less stressful.
Working while sitting – optimal height sitting stools at every two milking places included.

Simple cow entrance management from inside. Parlour gates managed from inside parlour ensure practical control and order in the herd. Each cow is milked individually, this increases throughput by up to 30 % per milking place in comparison to other parlour types. Easy attachment of milking clusters.
Free access. Animals are placed in parallel of milker's path, parlour’s construction ensures simple animal control, clear view of the animal and minimizes risk of injuries for both animal and attendant.
Cost saving solution. Pasture based milking equipment saves milking costs and milking process time. Milking system servicing is simple, we offer spare parts and support service.
Stability and durability. All parlour components are made of quality materials ensuring stable parlour’s support and compliance to daily usage in the pasture load.



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