Mobile milk tank MOOTECH-1400 L
  • Mobile milk tank MOOTECH-1400 L

Mobile milk tank MOOTECH-1400 L



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Product model: MOOTECH-1400L
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Manufacturer Mototecha
Capacity 1400 l
Milk inlet/outlet, mm 40
Vacuum outlet, mm 32
S/S fittings +
Manhole, mm 430
4 leg supports ( floor mountable ) +
Butterfly valve, mm 40

Designed to withstand required vacuum for milking (normally -0,45 kPa, tested under 0,6 kPa)
Rounded ends, polished, seamless.
Made of stainless steel with manhole cover.
Dimensions vary depending on capacity.
Cost saving direct milking solution.
Can be transported in trailer or suitable dimensions truck.

Choosing size of your tank
You have to know biggest amount of yield per one milking and add minimum 50 liters reserve.
Example: 390 liters yield per one milking requires 500 liters tank.
Up to 500 liters wall thickness – 1,5 mm; above 500 liters – 2mm.

Milk inlet must be positioned in lower level than milk outlet from milking parlour.

No loops at the connecting hose!
The vent must be opened before emptying tank! Injury and tank collapse hazard! 

Optional spray ball for tank washing (using milk pump) – please inquiry.

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