About us

       Back to Nature. Since 2004, Lithuania-based company Mototecha has developed cost-effective solutions for efficient mobile milking. Motech mobile parlour tandem systems follow cows     wherever they graze and allow a dairy farmer to produce highest quality milk in fully hygienic, cow-friendly and safe manner. Our mission is to enable dairy farmers around the World to produce   the highest quality milk in the most sustainable, natural and safest conditions to satisfy the highest quality standards and allow the lowest maintenance costs. We provide the shortest of all   milking pipelines available in the industry and the easiest mobile milking systems for the most convenient and flexible use on a pasture or inside a cow barn. The result is: happy cows, happy   dairy farmer and happy milk consumers.

       To make dairy production enjoyable, Mototecha offers a wide range of mobile milking solutions for homesteads and dairy farms up 200 cows in one herd: various milking units, milk stainless   steel tanks with and without cooling, energy-efficient vacuum units, automatic and manual washing systems and milk pumps. Motech mobile milking tandems can be integrated with the   equipment of other well-known brands such as Milkline, DeLaval, GEA and InterPuls. Smart flexibility and prudent customization of mobile milking systems allow us at Mototecha meet any   demands.

       With efficient milking kept in the focus, mobile farming has been made easier by Mototecha with a range tractor PTO generators and waters pumps, fence panels and tented shelters. We   provide complete solutions for happy dairy farming.

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