MOOTECH cheese pasteurizer, 200 l
  • MOOTECH cheese pasteurizer, 200 l
  • MOOTECH cheese pasteurizer, 200 l

MOOTECH cheese pasteurizer, 200 l



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Product model: MOOTECH
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Capacity 200 l

MOOTECH cheese pasteuriser is a reliable and extremely functional solution for milk pasteurizing and coagulation in the same tank thus saving equipment cost, space and user’s time.

Functional characteristics

Powerful agitation motor, protected by stainless steel cover, controlled by inverter for accurate regulation of the agitation speed.
Stainless steel controller on the pasteuriser with switch for the agitation direction (clockwise or counterclockwise), LED indicators and emergency switch for immediate stop of the agitation.
DN80 outlet valve for quick liquid drainage.
Installation of the agitation motor on removable and rotating stainless steel arm.
Removable stainless steel agitation paddle for milk.
Removable stainless steel cutters of high durability and elasticity for the coagulated mixture’s cutting.
Fully removable stainless steel lid of separating type.
Special stainless steel detachable filter for the cheese curd holding while emptying the vessel.

Vessel inclination mechanism (8% inclination) with air pistons or manually for curd draining.
Temperature sensor  AISI316 immerged in a special position (built-in) inside the vessel in order not to prevent the curd cutting.
Planetary agitation for better curd cutting.


Hot water supply to the pasteurizer circuit can be achieved with gas or oil boiler or electric heater (please inquiry)