Mobile milk cooling tanks
Mobile milk cooling tanks Mobile milk cooling tanks Mobile milk cooling tanks

Product model: MOTECH
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Mobile milk cooling tanks

Capacity from 500 L to 3000 L.

CONSTRUCTION: Stainless steel 18/10, DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304).


 Horizontal elliptic type tank

 Inner vessel stainless steel thickness: 2,00mm.

 Outer vessel stainless steel thickness: 1,50mm.

 Insulation type: INTERVOL RFN-24. Insulation is succeeded by precise controlled infusion of high density

environment friendly polyurethane foam. Two components polyurethane rigid foam system. Blowing agent used is

HCFC-141b (CFC – free system).Density: 40kg/m3 (DIN53420).Compressive strength: 20kPa (DIN53421).Thermal

conductivity, 24C: 0. 023 W/m. K (DIN18164).

 Smooth inner sides, rounded angles, perfectly polished welding.

 Stainless Steel Butterfly valve SMS50 50,8mm is installed on each the milk outlet.

 PVC cap DN50 and stainless steel chain.

 Stainless steel AISI304 manhole Ø400mm, elevated to avoid overflowing, watertight.

 Pre-installation for CIP with washing tube Ø25mm and spray ball.

 Stainless steel ventilation cap, suitable to be used as milk inlet.

 Stainless steel legs, special design for the proper mounting on truck.

Cooling unit – COPELAND, scrole type suitable for transportation

Control panel