Since 2004 our company "Mototecha" has been developing milking systems that would be suitable and affordable for dairy farms of any size. A special emphasis is put on pasture based milking systems. Our company has developed a complete set of pasture based tandem type mobile milking parlours that allows the milking process to be done right in the pasture, where ever the cows graze. In the last few years this market has been rapidly growing. Many even bigger farms are moving from the conventional dairy farming to pasture based farming, because of better economic calculations, better welfare of the cows and also better work and life conditions for the farmer. 

   What do we offer:

  • Free consultation;

  • Customized equipment according to the needs;

  • Fast delivery;

  • Full technical support;

  • Warranty;

  • Start up service;

  • Spare parts supply;


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About us

  • Back to Nature!
    We are Lithuanian Company “Mototecha” established in 2004. Our philosophy and business idea development started from understanding of sustainable nature resources usage importance, promoting pasture based organic farming, grazing and mobile milking activities in modern dairy farms.
    We believe in natural pasture land saving food production and processing, self-sustainable farming, natural organic food policy providing care for animals in their natural environment – on pasture.

    We are sure about cows raised in nature being happy and less stressful, healthy, have no problems with hooves and rewarding us with the best organic milk in the World!
    Mission of our company – provide farmers with milk production cost saving equipment enabling natural organic pasture based mobile milking.
    Vision of the company- to change the World bringing milk production Back from Nature!
    We are proud to present complete pasture based milking solutions to Worldwide market sharing our philosophy. Our European quality made unique mobile milking parlours became known and popular Worldwide in dairies producing organic milk and its products. We offer all kinds mobile milking equipment and machinery including variety of mobile milk tanks with and/or without cooling, mobile milking vacuum units, milk pumps. We produce various modification tractor PTO and hydro-motor driven Mototecha design pumps. Equipment in our factory is designed and manufactured in cooperation with other well-known brands in milking equipment (such as DeLaval, InterPuls, GEA, Milkline and others) we provide Worldwide door to door delivery services, installation, start-up and training, support services.
    Share our mission. Help to change the World.
    JSC “Mototecha” team welcomes you to our website!

Why mobile?

  • Why mobile?
  • Why mobile pasture based milking?
    Organic dairy milk production is a present modern trend, but its sustainability requires proper technical resources. These days the most beneficial features of modern equipment are mobility, lightweight and resale possibilities. There are no mass produced, inexpensive mobile milking systems, affordable for small and average sized dairy farms. The ongoing organic trend and the lack of such equipment inspired us to create a complete mobile milking system.

    Most organic dairy cows have the possibilities to go outside for a walk, or to graze a little around the farm base. Unfortunately, the herd gets too big too fast and then letting cows roam around becomes a challenge with many problems, such as: